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September 26, 2018


ODATIS is a single portal providing access to ocean data. Its mission is to promote uptake of data and products on oceans and where they interface with other environments, generated from in-situ and satellite measurements

The ODATIS data centre is the ocean component of France’s Earth System research infrastructure, alongside the THEIA (land surfaces), AERIS (atmosphere) and FORM@TER (solid Earth) data centres.

France’s oceanographic research effort is underpinned by multiple institutional and scientific programmes involving numerous teams at national research organizations. These programmes are seeking to describe, understand and quantify ocean phenomena about which they are building up an extensive range of in-situ, satellite and aerial datasets.

ODATIS was set up to collect, preserve and promote uptake of all ocean datasets. It is a single portal offering unified formats and documentation, and interoperable data distribution systems. Its role is also to bring these data to a wider audience and to facilitate exchanges between research centres and different sources of data and information.

ODATIS today has a catalogue of more than 100 databases and research products covering a wide range of fields including physical oceanography, biogeochemistry, marine biology, geology and meteorology to name a few. For example, it affords access to data as varied as Arctic ice thickness (satellite data), an atlas of mesoscale eddy trajectories (multi-source data) and chemical composition of water (in-situ data).

It is such diversity that motivated the creation of a hub to bring together ocean data and products in one place, in partnership with major French and European data centres.

ODATIS also offers a portfolio of services for other data centres:

  • Hosting, referencing and/or distribution of datasets, as well as off-line archiving and storage.
  • Provision of DOIs (digital object identifiers) for precise, reliable and invariable data citations.
  • Support for producing, formatting and publishing data, and for their long-term management.

In-situ data distributed by ODATIS are collected through national and international programmes (e.g. space programmes) or more local initiatives (e.g. marine stations). Satellite data products are obtained from raw data supplied by CNES and third-party space missions. The data centre’s job begins once raw data have been collected and ends when processed products have been made permanent, exploited and made readily useable.

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